Yuri lysoivanov is an educator & recording arts professional .


Like many audio professionals, Yuri began his career as a musician and is very active in the Chicago music and media landscape. Since 2013, he has had the honor of teaching and mentoring the next generation of audio engineers as Chair of the Recording Arts Department at Flashpoint Chicago (a campus of Columbia College Hollywood). For over a decade, his emphasis on ear training, work ethic, dedication and personal integrity has created a legacy of reliable audio professionals in Chicago and beyond.

Yuri has been teaching full-time since 2011 and has been part of the Flashpoint academic family since 2009.  He has been a regular presenter at the Architectural Acoustics and Audio sessions at the meetings of the Acoustical Society of America and is an active member of the Educational Committee of the Audio Engineering Society.

Yuri specializes in recording acoustic ensembles, singer/songwriters and vocalists both in studio and on location. Outside of audio, you can find him teaching Hebrew to some of the best 7th graders in the Chicago suburbs, reading, sitting at a piano or somewhere by the food.

Yuri graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the Berklee College of Music in Boston and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Loyola University Chicago.